Zinus 8 Inch Memory Foam Queen Mattress

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Zinus’ 8-inch memory foam queen mattress offers everything that you could want in a mattress. Not only does it offer customized support, but it offers superior comfort. The upper layer of the mattress is made up of premium quality memory foam that will allow you to get in just the right amount of support for a good night’s sleep. The cover of the mattress and the fabric will vary.

The latest iteration of the foam included in this mattress is made up of primarily natural materials. It is known as ‘Bio-Foam’ and it replaces a lot of the traditional petroleum with natural oils extracted from plants. These include green tea extract and the mattress even includes active charcoal which helps to not only eliminate foul odors but also to help absorb excess moisture throughout the night which can keep you comfortable throughout the entire night.

The mattress also features patented compression technology which allows the mattress to be packed tightly in a box conveniently without the need to carry around a huge mattress. All you have to do is unbox the mattress and allow around 48 hours for the mattress to fully return to its original condition and shape.

The mattress comes with a limited 10-year warranty and it is CertiPUR-US certified which means that you are getting a guaranteed durable mattress with excellent performance.

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