Olee Sleep 10 Inch Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress Blue, Queen

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The Olee Sleep 10-inch gel infused layer top memory foam mattress features outstanding ventilation and I gel infusion. The new I-gel materials are highly breathable, which help you sleep at the right temperature. It also features pressure-relief materials which adapt to the temperature, weight, and shape of your body. I-gel performance materials reduce the temperature ventilation and our combined with a convoluted layer of foam that has been designed to improve its durability along with outstanding resilience and breathability compared to regular memory foam. We have a Mission to provide the most innovative and reliable products that provide the most satisfying sleep experience for our customers.


The mattress features three foam layers, with each of them being 1-inch wide. This takes up 1/3 of the mattress.? Its first inch is made out of ILD soft ILD memory foam which supports the sleeper’s body. The mattress’s second inch is made out of ILD 25 HD foam. The main purpose of this foam is to help prevent any defection or damage that the memory foam might be subject to.

The third inch is made out of a unique type of “I Gel” foam. Gel is injected into this layer that totally reshapes the structure of the foam, which makes it more adaptable to all types of temperature. The layer also serves as a heating/cooling system. Many memory foam mattresses have issues with keeping the temperature of the body constant whenever the body sinks into the mattress. However, this problem has been solved by Olee Sleep by injecting I-Gel into the foam.

The exterior part of the mattress is made up of two parts. The top part is covered in a white knit cover. The top is attached to a blue bottom. It is a minimal design with a wavy, uneven seam connecting the blue bottom to the white top.

Summary of Features

  • High-Quality Medium Firm Mattress – provides ideal levels of support and comfort for every sleeping position. Balanced perfectly to relieve sleepless nights and pressure.
  • Gel-infused Cooling Foam Layer – helps to regulate temperature better.
  • A breathable outer cover is included.
  • High-Density Base Layer – to make a durable and longer-lasting mattress. A 10-year manufacturer warranty is included.
  • Fast Delivery – compact and compressed mattress in a box provides efficient handling and shipping.
  • For best results, allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours.
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