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LUCID 2-Inch Foam Mattress Topper is made from traditional foam offers a responsive relaxation layer at a smaller cost. With naturally hypoallergenic foam, this topper place to offer comfort and pressure relief and will conform to your body weight. This foam helps to enhance comfort by supporting your head, neck, and shoulders. The mattress toppers are cut one inch shorter to ensure your sheets fit.

Add a layer of comfort to your own RV or camper mattress, or set a comfort layer between the earth and your sleeping bag. This affordable mattress topper brings relaxation to the great outdoors.

Improve Your Current Mattress with?LUCID 2-Inch Foam Mattress Topper

Accentuate your mattress with this solid foam mattress topper. This 2-inch thick topper was created to be placed right in addition to your present mattress for an extra comfort layer. This topper will enhance the present feel of your mattress and prolong its life.

3-Year Warranty

Rest easy with a 3-year warranty. This warranty protects the mattress topper against manufacturer’s defects.

2″ thick conventional foam mattress topper

Traditional foam dampens a too-solid sleep surface by conforming to position and body weight

LUCID foam offers exceptional comfort and pressure relief; great for RVs and camping

Naturally hypoallergenic – 3-year guarantee

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