Classic Brands Celadon Ventilated Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress | Bed-in-a-Box California King

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The Classic Brands Celadon Hybrid Latex and Innerspring 12-Inch Mattress is a medium firm mattress with the feeling of natural latex ?which will conform to anyone’s weight, shape, and size.

Summary of Features

  • A silky and soft luxurious knitted cover works with the innerspring coil system and latex layers to provide you with the relaxation you need and pampering your desire.
  • Provides outstanding support and pressure relief by conforming to all of the contours of your body to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience.
  • Natural latex fits the curves of your body in a unique way to relieve the pressure points of all sleeping positions. The mattress’s supportive orthopedic innerspring base helps to minimize motion disturbance and prevent tossing and turning.
  • Natural Latex is elastic and soft, and designed to provide ‘breathability.’ Its special ‘pin core’ and open cell structure wicks away moisture and ventilates body heat.
  • Medium firm feeling that is ideal for those wanting their mattresses to provide more support. Works with an Adjustable Base.
  • The mattress ships in compressed form and is rolled and shipped inside of a bo that is delivered conveniently to your home for easy set-up. Base/foundation/frame are not included.
  • The 5-star Customer Service is available 7 days per week.

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Immerse yourself within a comforting, customized sleeping area by buying the Classic Brands 12-inch Hybrid Innerspring and Latex Mattress. The medium firm feeling of natural latex will conform to anyone’s weight, shape, and size. The second layer is comprised of wrapped innerspring and offers an orthopedic base that can maintain its support to provide you with the essential support you need as you are sleeping. Latex returns to shape much faster than memory foam, providing you with unparalleled strength, support, and comfort.

This 12-inch profile Latex and Hybrid Mattress conforms to all the contours of your body, is responsive, and offers outstanding pressure relieve and ideal support. The natural latex foam adapts to everyone’s body type and the 10.5-inch foam inside of the innerspring coils maintains and support the effectiveness and strength of all the layers. These layers work together in order to provide you with the relaxation that you desire and gives you the ultimate sleeping experience that you need. Latex has properties that help to prevent motion transfer so that you can sleep through the night undisturbed. It comes with a silky and soft luxurious knit cover that is tufted so that the layers are held in place to help prevent any shifting from occurring.

Natural Latex Mattress Benefits

A natural latex mattress offers outstanding orthopedic support and comfort and is naturally therapeutic. Latex mattresses are inherently impression resistant and can last for many years without taking on impressions of the body (no bed flipping is necessary) or sagging. Latex foam mattresses are able to support all body parts individually and evenly. That can help your spine remain in a natural position to help eliminate any tossing and turning and reduce pressure points. It has a superior cell structure which provides maximum breathability, which keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

Support Base Made Of Individually Wrapped Coils

Our hybrid mattresses have a support base that is comprised of innerspring individual coils that are wrapped up in a fabric that has been designed to maximize support and minimize friction. Their 13-gauge steel coils provide a distribution of support that is consistent throughout the mattress and reduces motion transfer for both sleep partners. There is an extra comfort foam layer that works with a 10-5-inch support layer made up of individually wrapped coils, that are encased inside of separate pockets so that they contour to your body precisely. The coil innersprings are individually wrapped and mode independently to reduce the feeling of movement on the mattress to provide contouring support and comfort so that you can sleep all night long undisturbed.

Smart Packaging of Classic Brands

Smart packing helps to reduce the manufacturer’s shipping process carbon footprint. We use advanced packing technology so that we can roll-pack the mattress and ship it at one-third of its normal size. This process allows us to ship more mattresses on each delivery to reduce carbon emissions. A roll-packed mattress can retain its initial quality since it will recover quickly and return to its original form after it is taken out of the package.

Get Things Right The First Time

Knowing the height and size of your mattress in advance is a good idea to ensure that you order the right size. You should combine the heights of the adjustable bed base or foundation, and bed frame with the height of the mattress to get a good idea of what the height of your sleeping system is going to be.

Quality Assurance

A worry-free 10-year warranty backs the Celadon Hybrid 12-Inch Innerspring and Latex Mattress from Classic Brands.

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