Acacia Aurora 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard, King Chocolate

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  • The Aurora Classic Platform Bed Frame is durable Acacia wood, with a locking mechanism that offers sturdiness, durability, and comfort.
  • Featuring ergonomically designed plywood slats with firm, secure tapes to keep the mattress from slipping or moving when in use.
  • These bed frames have a clean, modern appearance with their chocolate-colored surfaces and smooth edges. In addition, the paint contains no lead, is non-toxic, and has no odor.

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Acacia Aurora Classic Platform Bed Frame with a Clean Modern Look

Sleeping comfortably can sometimes make a world of difference to your daily activities. Nevertheless, the bed is more than the mattress, cover, pillows, and blankets. It includes the bed frame, as well! After a hard day’s work, you’ll cherish a relaxing, cozy, pleasant sleeping experience with Acacia Bed Frame. Made from heavy-duty, solid Acacia wood, the Acacia Bed Frame is one of the strongest and highest quality beds on the market! Designed and sized ergonomically, the frame fits the mattress easily and prevents it from slipping while also offering ample under-bed storage space for convenient cleaning.

To keep the mattresses from falling off accidentally, the plywood slats are carefully placed and positioned with padded tapes. In addition, you can choose from two distinct color options. If you want to make your bedroom look vintage, the chocolate options are distressed for a weathered appearance. The caramel options are made from natural hardwoods with a nice, clean look and smooth surface, making them a great aesthetic addition to any modern home. What could be better than being satisfied and stylish at the same time?

The Acacia Bed Frame comes in various colors, sizes, and headboard options. Colors: Chocolate (Smooth), Caramel (Distressed). There is a bed frame to suit any preference, no matter what it is. Choose from Mervyn (without headboard), Kaylin, Emery, and Aurora (with headboard). The seller offers a 5-year warranty and a 30-day return policy (contact the seller for further information). The following dimensions and weight limits apply King/800 lbs, Queen/800 lbs, Full/700 lbs, Twin/500 lbs.

Summary of Acacia Aurora Classic Platform Bed Frame Features

  • Aurora Classic Platform Bed Frame is made of Acacia wood material for durability, with a strong locking system that brings stability, sturdiness, and comfort.
  • Features plywood, ergonomic slats with firm, secure embedded tapes to prevent the mattress from slipping or moving up and down when in use.
  • These bed frames come in chocolate colors with smooth surfaces, giving them a distinctive, clean, sleek look. The paint is lead-free and non-toxic and has no odor or toxicity.
  • In addition to the bed frame, we offer a bookcase headboard and nightstands. As well as memory foam, spring, or hybrid mattresses, it is also compatible with many other types of mattresses.
  • It measures 77.6″ W x 83.9″ L x 36.5″ H. It will support a maximum weight of 800 lbs.
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