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Best Rated Folding Mattresses

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For those with limited space at home, folding mattresses are the ideal mattresses as they tend to occupy less space. They are only unfolded at night and folded back in the morning. However these types of mattresses come in a variety of styles, quality and sizes. It might be very hard to determine the best mattress to choose from. ?To remove the load off you back, we have compiled a list of the best rated folding mattress below.

The list was compiled based on user?s reviews. We took reviews from online sites such as Amazon to rate the folding mattresses. We also used reviews we have received on our site to late them. It is recommended that before one commits to buy the mattress to read the reviews thoroughly. This is to prevent one from buying something that one does not like.

5 Best Rated Folding Mattresses

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What Are The Benefits of Folding Mattresses?

There are many benefits associated with folding mattresses. First, they are easier to store and portable. This comes in handy especially when one wants to travel or go camping. You do not need a big space to store the mattress. Also they can serve as a guest bed whenever you get visitors spending the night at your house. Your visitors will enjoy a sound sleep as compared to sleeping on a couch.

Folding mattresses are relatively inexpensive compared to regular bed mattresses. Under $150, you can get a good 6 inch memory foam folding mattress. Regular mattresses of the same material can cost a bit more. Of course an argument can be raised in comparison with an air mattress. Air mattresses are not as comfortable as folding mattresses.

What Are the Different Types of Folding Mattresses?

Below are the various types of folding mattresses.

  • Roll away mattresses
  • Fold out mattresses
  • Folding bed desk
  • Folding camp bed
  • Fold away bunk mattresses

Roll away mattresses is folded at the ends forming a U shape and usually have wheels.

How to Choose the Right One

Due to comfort, memory foam folding mattress is a good choice. Some mattresses double up as a sleeper and a chair. Good for providing a comfortable seating and also as a guest bed.

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