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Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress Review

Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress Highlights

  • Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress is built with premium natural material
  • It is a luxury foam mattress at a fraction of the price
  • Uses Natural New Zealand Wool in to wick heat away from body 
  • Contours to your body and helps in pressure relief
  • 365-night trial and 25-year warranty
  • Made in the USA with high quality materials
  • Perfect for sleepers of all body types (including heavier folks)
Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress



Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Gel Mattress Full Review

Brentwood Home Cypress MattressBrentwood Home Cypress MattressThe Brentwood Home Cypress Bamboo Mattress has received a number of positive recommendations and online reviews in association with the support and comfort that this mattress provides. The combination of a sleeping surface made from all-natural wool, the gel memory-foam layer for superior comfort, and the ventilated layers of support foam, buyers should be able to find everything that they need in the unique construction and design of this mattress.

Note: This mattress is available in 2 heights; 11 inches and 13 inches. this review is for the 11-inch mattress.

Here is an overview of the Cypress Bamboo Mattress to help you understand why so many consumers have chosen this mattress as their first choice.

Cypress Bamboo Mattress is Designed for People Who;

  • Like a luxury mattress for less ? Built with premium quality material, Cypress bamboo mattress has the feel of a luxury mattress but at a price that is affordable. In fact, most mattresses of its equal goes for twice the price.
  • Environmentally friendly material ? This mattress is constructed with premium quality material that are natural. No harmful chemicals used in the production of this mattress which is good for the environment. All foams and material used have been certified by various organizations which include CertiPUR-US?, GREENGUARD Gold and OEKO-TEX?.
  • Sleep hot ? To help this mattress regulate heat, several materials that helps dissipate heat are used. First is the cover that is made with bamboo fabric and wool that helps to wick heat away. The second material is gel infused foam that helps to transfer the heat to lower levels and also allows breathability.




This mattress features 4 layers which make up a blend of wool, gel memory-foam, ventilated support-foam, with a bamboo-infused cover. Here is more information about the formation of these layers.

Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress Construction

The Cover – Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress ConstructionThe cover is made from a combination of bamboo and polyester. This design ensures that the sleeping surface remains cool while delivering a soft and comfortable feel to promote a night of restful sleep. This cover also comes with a layered backing made from wool sourced directly from New Zealand. This thin wool layer naturally works on wicking away moisture, improving airflow, and helps with preventing odors. The wool layer is a bit rare when it comes to online mattress world. Many of the mattress companies online use ultra-thin covers which help sleepers to feel a contact that is more direct with the foam. The wool layer on this mattress provides a more traditional and slighter cushioned feel.

The 2nd Layer – The 2nd layer consists of a 3.5? gel memory-foam. This is the main comfort layer of the mattress, which creates exceptional pressure relief, body shaping, and contouring support. The gel also stops heat retention, while helping to keep the sleeping surfaces cool. The 3.5? thickness layer assists with creating improved deep-compression support, along with preventing bottoming out. This is an important feature for the heavier sleepers.

The 3rd Layer – This layer features 2? of a ventilated support-foam. It works together with the memory-foam layer to improve cooling and airflow in this mattress. This layer also performs as a type of transitional support-layer, which also helps to prevent a bottoming-out feeling.

The 4th Layer – This layer features a superior 7.5? high-density support-foam. It acts as a foundation base, which provides stability and shape to the mattress.

How Firm is the Cypress Mattress

This mattress offers a 5-6 out of 10 medium firmness (with 10 being the firmest). It offers a more traditional feel, while the firmness level is designed in order to match up to the requirements of most sleepers.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation or motion transfer is special features which improve the ability of the mattress to absorb any movements and to prevent these movements from spreading. The memory-foam used inside the Cypress Mattress has the ability to absorb all movements, making it the ideal choice if you sleep next to a partner that moves around a lot while they are sleeping.


The Cypress Bamboo Mattress has a sinkage level in the1 to 2? range, which increases slightly for the heavier sleepers. This provides the mattress with notable body shaping and hug. At the same time, it also gives this mattress a slower and more traditional response time. This means that the mattress takes a bit of time (a few seconds) to adjust to movement changes. For sleepers that prefer an immediate foam response, this mattress might not be the best choice.



Edge Support

Similar to the other types of memory-foam mattresses, this mattress features adequate edge support. It is able to support an average weight around the edges. This Nectar Mattress also comes with an edge-support feature which makes sure the mattress offers support that is consistent, even around the furthest edges of this mattress.


You can use the Brentwood Cypress mattress on either the floor or a foundation, without any significant variations in comfort.

Warranty, Shipping, And Trial Period

This company is very confident in their beds in the way of offering a 365-night trial period. When you receive the mattress, it is recommended to try the bed out for at least 30 days so that your body can adjust to the sleeping surface. If after 30 days you are not happy with the mattress, you can contact the customer-service department and they will come and collect your mattress and provide you with a full refund. This mattress comes with an impressive 25-year limited warranty along with warranties on any flaws associated with either craftsmanship or materials that were used to manufacture the mattress.

How Much Does the Cypress Bamboo Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices for the 11-inch medium feel mattress.





Twin XL








Cal King