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Top 5 Best Zinus Bed Frames in 2019

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The brand name Zinus has been involved in the sleep industry for more than 20 years and has taken consumer feedback and applied it to their numerous products to meet the needs that consumers have. They manufacture quality bed frames, mattresses headboards and foot-boards and many more products. In this article, we are concentrating on the best bed frames Zinus has to offer. If you have been looking for the ideal platform bed, then you might want to check out what is offered by this company before you make your final decision. The following are 5 of their best platform bed designs. Our selections are based on the numerous reviews of platform beds from actual users.

Summary of the Top 5 Best Zinus Bed Frames

Like mentioned above, Zinus manufacture a great deal of quality products and they put passion in it while doing so. However, there are those products that receive more praise, rating and reviews. In this article, we have summarized the best 5 Zinus bed frames based on users? feedback. Rating was based on several factors such as material, durability, price among other factors.



Zinus Suzanne Wood and Metal Platform Bed
  • Strong 7-inch high steel frame structure
  • Wooden slats to  prolong mattress life
  • Padded tape and non slip tape added to prevent noise and mattress slipping

Price: $$


Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed
  • Square stitched dark grey upholstery that is soft
  • Features a low profile footboard style frame
  • Provides classic framework for your mattress

Price: $$


Zinus SmartBase Platform Bed 14-Inch Frame
  • Features 13 inches high space for under bed storage space
  • Suitable for average people
  • No need for box spring

Price: $$


Zinus Misty Modern Classic Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed
  • Button tufted with taupe upholstery
  • Will bring traditional elegance to your bedroom
  •  Features a 5-year limited warranty

Price: $$


Zinus Demetric Elite SmartBase 14-Inch Mattress Foundation
  • Suitable for big and tall people
  • Under bed storage that is 12.5 inches high
  • Features folding design for easy storage and movement 

Price: $$

A Brief Look at the Above Zinus Bed Frames

Briefly, let’s us look at the reasons the above Zinus bed frames are liked more than the others. Remember Zinus makes over a dozen more beds but do not receive the same buzz as the ones listed here. 

RANK #1: Zinus Suzanne Wood and Metal Platform Bed 

Zinus Suzanne Wood and Metal Platform Bed
Zinus Suzanne Wood and Metal Platform Bed

The Suzanne platform bed is a durable and stylish bed frame and is also very affordable. You will really love this bed frame and all its cool features. Now let’s take a closer look at this bed frame’s construction. 

The Suzanne bed frame is tailor-made for today’s modern decor. The combination of metal and wood always looks great when designed and executed well. The dark metal frame and real wood headboard appear to be both trendy and timeless simultaneously. The wood slats and steel frame are 2.9 inches apart for the longevity and support of the mattress.

The height of the headboard is 37 inches and there is a large gap between the wooden board and the base. Even when you use a lofty, dense mattress there is likely a one or two-inch opening. The frame is easy to assemble since Zinus supplies all the necessary hardware and tools. It takes longer than five minutes but if you follow the instructions it shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

Suzanne is an outstanding frame for all kinds of mattresses – whether it is a spring, foam, memory, or latex mattress. There are a lot of wood slats that provide strong base support. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a box spring. However, you can increase a low-profile bed using a bed riser.

You never want your bed to make screeching and squeaking sounds. In this situation, Suzanne is a lifesaver since it comes with sound-dampening foam pieces on the metal joints in order to cancel any kind of noise. The wooden slats also have non-slip tape on them, so the mattress does not slide around.

RANK #2: Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed  

Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed
Zinus Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed

This bed features a classic style frame that offers strong support so you can sleep soundly. The soft gray square upholstery creates true safety and romance for its users. Get the wood slats with the bed frame that goes with the stunning headboard. The whole piece looks very stylish. The platform bed is free of wobbles and provides sleepers with the ultimate support. The 10 slats also ensure the frame is complete.   

When it comes to build quality, it is one of the major benefits of this product. All the components are of very high quality. The headboard is very thick. It provides the room with a very premium feeling. The two beams that bear most of the mattress’s weight and are metal, black, and sturdy. 

Overall, this is an excellent bed from Zinus. We really love this bed’s color and design. It looks even nicer in the person than it does in the photos.

RANK #3: Zinus SmartBase Platform Bed 14-Inch Frame

Zinus SmartBase Platform Bed 14-Inch Frame
Zinus SmartBase Platform Bed 14-Inch Frame

The simplistic design of this frame makes for a quick and easy setup. It takes under 10 minutes to get this frame set up. If you would really get the most for your money, then this is the perfect bed frame. When you open the box up you will be amazed how quickly it comes together. The bed frame embodies the minimalist design.

With this base, you don’t need to have a box spring. It is very easy to assemble without any accessories. It is well-suited for all kinds of sleepers.

There also are 13 inches worth of clearance underneath which gives you plenty of under the bed storage space. You also won’t have issues with noise since it provides slide-free, quiet, and sturdy support. In fact, you can spend the whole night sleeping comfortably.

The foundation is well-suited for all types of beds, whether it is a box top mattress. To set up, it doesn’t require any tools. The frame also provides great security for the mattress and floor.

RANK #4: Zinus Misty Modern Classic Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

Zinus Misty Modern Classic Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed
Zinus Misty Modern Classic Tufted Upholstered Platform Bed

The bed works well with any budget, style, or size of the room. It is styled with button tufted taupe upholstery. The headboard is beautifully engineered, along with the wood slats and footboard. Even though you just need to have a good mattress to sleep it is nice when it looks good too. All the parts are assembled inside a zipper pocket on the back of the headboard. The bed’s frame is very solid and barely moves around. 

Some features include the following: solid frame, foot frame, headboard, wooden slats, and button-tufted taupe headboard. Putting this bed together is very easy.

This bed from Zinus is a great deal for those who would like to spruce up their bedroom but are on a limited budget. The bed is perfectly constructed, and the price is a great deal. It is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

The packaging and delivery of this bed frame are very impressive. Zinus packs all of the components of the bedframe – which includes the legs, frame, wooden slats, and footboard – inside of a zippered compartment that is located on the back part of the headboard. This innovative packaging makes delivering and transporting the bed frame totally hassle-free and very easy to deal with. 

The assembly is very simple, compared to beds from other brands that come with headboards. Zinus provides you with all the parts and tools you need to make assembling the bed frame a very quick and easy task.

RANK #5: Zinus Demetric Elite SmartBase 14-Inch Mattress Foundation

Zinus Demetric Elite SmartBase 14-Inch Mattress Foundation
Zinus Demetric Elite SmartBase 14-Inch Mattress Foundation

The bed frame is extra strong. It made for a larger size. When compared with the Zinus SmartBas Platform 14-Inch Bed Frame, it does cost a bit more due to the added strength.

The bed frame is available in king, full, queen, twin XL, and twin sizes and is 14 inches high. It also comes with 13 inches of clearance space and there is also plenty of space under the bed.

Like the Zinus SmartBAse 14-inch Mattress Foundation, you will be impressed by this bed frame’s packaging and delivery. Zinus made it easy and smart for everyone. Zinus packs the bed frame into a movable box.

It is easy to assemble this mattress foundation. You can assemble it in 10 minutes by yourself. Makes sure to get the steel bed frame and base to ensure strong support. It is the best bed frame for heavier individuals.

It requires using the SmartBase headboard brackets to get it connected to a headboard. Even after it is set up, it is foldable, so it can be moved around your home, including on staircases and through tight doorways.

How to Select the Zinus Bed Frame That Best Suits Your Needs

Zinus platform beds feature similar construction, so the style is the main thing that your choice will come down. They make it fairly easy to look through the various options that they offer in order to find the specific bed that matches your decor the best. Before making your final decision, consider the following factors:

Where Are You Planning on Putting Your Bed?

For people who have open spaces platform beds can be a great choice. There are also some styles that do not come with a footboard or headboard. Consider where you will be placing your bed for decorating and accessibility purposes.

Are You in Need of a Storage Space?

Although there is no built-in storage in Zinus beds, they do have a lifted profile that offers lots of storage space. If you are relying on that space, make sure you select the right bed that has enough space for what you need.

What is Your Budget?

For those who are on a tight budget, Zinus beds are a great choice. Most of their beds of all sizes cost less than $200. Of course, that can always change.

Why Should You Purchase a Zinus Bed Frame?

 Zinus frames have a lot to offer. In our opinion, it is among the best foundations available in the marketplace. Their entire design, affordability, and performance really impress users. In addition, you won’t have any problems with accommodating the base with any kind of bed.

If you go through all the features that this frame offers, it is easy to see why it is such an outstanding product. So, if you are still searching for an affordable mattress foundation then this frame may be the best solution possible.

Sturdy Materials

People tend to be very passionate about Zinus foundations since they are made out of very durable and supportive materials. The construction of these frames is very sturdy which ensures sleepers have the proper support. The steel frame offers noise-free performance and contains motion. Some of the frames have wooden slats.

They also come with high stands along with plenty of clearance for storage under the bed. These frames offer plenty of storage space. There are also accessories, footboards, headboards, and some products feature a classic appearance. The base, frame, slats, and stands are all made of the same material which bears testimony to the brand’s high performance and elegance.

Strong Support

How much weight a bed frame holds doesn’t necessarily depend on its style or how much it costs. The important thing is that it provides sleepers with even support. We have conclusive proof that Zinus bed frames are completely capable of providing you with durable and even support. With this frame, you will not find a lot of motion and sliding.

Strong Structure

The metal designed structure, slats, and overall shape are made to provide strong support for even heavy individuals. The mattress stays secured to the frame since proper steps have been taken to manage this. The base also makes it heavier. Some of the Zinus frames can help up to 4,400 pounds. They are made from very robust and durable materials to provide a very strong structure.

Noise Free

If can be very disturbing when you hear loud noises while you are lying in bed. However, many frames are unable to provide even support, and that is because the construction shakes or wobbles. Most of them, it also doesn’t suit all types of beds. However, this bed frame uses a great process to ensure that the base is noise-free.

To provide you with a noise-free surface, the frame ensures you have optimal comfort so you can get a good night’s sleep. Many customers praise the heavy construction of these frames and all their components. So, you can be completely certain of its quietness that leads to quality and hassle-free sleep 

Easy Assembly

It is often difficult for many people to assemble a bed frame due to all the accessories and tools that are involved to make the process complex. However, with this bed frame, you don’t need to face a lot of problems. With most of the products, you don’t need to have any extra tools. After you unbox the frame, you can get the whole thing set up in just a few minutes.

The assembly process for many products is often a big hassle and that is why many people don’t like having to deal with it. However, many manufacturers simply don’t care. However, Zinus has made it a lot easier than many traditional bed frames that are available in the market. That means you don’t have to deal with a difficult process when getting your bed frame set up.


Although it is not hard choosing the ideal mattress frame, if you do find a high-quality and affordable one, then you will want to take full advantage of the opportunity. Zinus is the leading brand that provides some of the highest quality products at affordable prices. 

Fortunately, you don’t always have to spend more money to get a quality product. We are very impressed by the quality and appearance as well as the affordable prices of the Zinus frames. People tend to demonstrate their satisfaction over how affordable they are. One of the main reasons why we recommend this brand is its affordable prices.

Shipping Process

Many customers are unsatisfied with the shipping process used for bed frames. Many have had negative experiences. Many people claim they don’t receive their items on time. By contrast, the Zinus mattress frame is widely recognized for having a fast and smart shipping process. You won’t have to wait a long time to receive your product from them.

Shipping box

The frame ships very smartly. Every component is in order rather than being messy. You are sent a nice box compartment along with the instructions and guidance on how to assemble the frame without a lot of hassle. We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with the Zinus shipping process. 

Zinus Bed Frame Qualities

People who would like to have a supportive surface and beautiful design, frequently select the platform bed. It is sometimes considered to be an alternative bedroom. It has a perfect design and solid surface that mesmerizes consumers. Let’s look at the features that make Zinus bed frames some of the best available.

Specialized Design

The detailed design of these frames is something we really love. Some of the products have a classic shape that may remind you of mid-century design. It also maintains a very high quality compared to many other bed frames that are available in the market. This brand designs its frames so they can easily be distinguished from others in the market which makes them ideal.


Zinus bed frames come with many practical and durable components. You will not have to deal with the disturbance caused by traditional box springs. And the footboard, headboard, entire base, and frame are all great elements of this product. Each component of the brand is made using advanced research so you can enjoy plenty of strong support and comfort.


The key indicator of a sturdy bed frame is stability. Although it does seem many vendors do not pay a lot of attention to it. However, with this bed frame, you are provided with plenty of stable support and durability. You do not have to face any sliding or wobbling with this brand’s products.


When your platform foundation does not accommodate you properly, it can be practically impossible to get comfortable. With this frame, you will receive great accommodation. You don’t need any specific type of bed to adjust to this frame.


Almost everyone wants to have close support from their bed foundation. However, is it possible to have this with traditional kinds of beds? No. However, this platform bed does offer this, no matter what kind of Avena or specialized foam your mattress is made of. It helps to protect your bed from sagging and is kind to the floor as well since there are plastic caps on the legs to prevent the floor from getting damaged.

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