Best Pop Up Trundle Beds

Top 5 Best Pop Up Trundle Beds in 2019

A trundle bed is a type of wheeled, lowed bed that gets stored under a regular bed. It can then be rolled to use as an extra bed or when you have visitors. A pop-up trundle bed may be raised so that it is the same height as a regular bed, to create a wide sleeping area when it is positioned next to a bed. It comes with a storage drawer underneath the mattress and freely rolls on four casters. There is a trundle drawer that is the precise size for storing an extra twin mattress but can also be used for storing toys, clothes, pillows, or blankets. 

One big advantage to purchasing a trundle bed is it can save a great deal of space. This versatile type of furniture allows you to enjoy the use of two beds within the space of a single bed. You can easily use them during the day as daybeds or chaise lounges. Along with these uses, you can roll the second bed out at night and sleep on it comfortably with your bedding and pillows. These beds are available in various designs including drawers for storing your pillows and bedding when they are not in use. 

Summary of the Best Pop Up Trundle Beds

Below are the best pop up trundle beds we have in the market today. Factors such as frame material, ease of use price among others were looked at in deciding the ranks.



DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle
  • Gives your room a modern style spark
  • Has four easy glide casters
  • Ideal for small spaces and has easy set up

Price: $$


Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set
  • Stylish and ample for a small room
  • Sturdy steel and added wood for strength
  • Assembles in minutes

Price: $$


DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame
  • Great support from the sturdy steel construction
  • Comes with four casters for extra space
  • Set up is in minutes

Price: $$


Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain's Bed with Trundle Bed
  • Features a pull-out twin bed
  • Comes with drawers
  • Saves your room space

Price: $$


La Salle Twin Captain's Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers
  • Elegant twin bed with pull-out bed
  • Drawers for keeping stuff
  • Up to 2 people can sleep on it

Price: $$

A Brief Look at the Above Pop-up Trundle Beds

Trundle beds are a good way to save space and be prepared when unexpected guest pop up but how do yo get the best? We are going to briefly look at why the above trundle beds have been rated the best.. 

RANK #1: DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle
DHP Manila Metal Framed Daybed with Trundle

This daybed is an ideal combination of style and functionality. Made of metal slats and a durable metal frame, the bed is sturdy enough to be able to handle all kinds of abuse and daily use.

The soft white finish and decorative details create a very casual and warm style. The blend of style and utility make this Manila Daybed the ideal options for practically any home decor.


The twin-size trundle and Manila Daybed is a very durable and versatile piece of furniture. The metal structure makes the furniture very durable which will last for many years. It comes with the following construction features:

  • A durable metal frame and its metal slats make it a very sturdy and solid piece of furniture.
  • A totally versatile trundle that can be rolled underneath the bed for storage that is out of the way or rolled out to be used as a bed.
  • There are four casters that come with the trundle. You can lock two of the casters. That creates the ideal balance of stability and versatility.


This Manila daybed has been designed to complement practically any interior decor. It comes in both bronze and white. Its white metal frame is a very subtle shade of white, which avoids the cold, stark white hue that is often used in furniture made of metal. The bronze color is ideal for creating stylish, rich, and luxurious furniture. Some of the Manila daybed’s style features include the following:

  • Bronze or soft white non-distressed finish
  • An overall traditional style which makes it easy to add to practically any setting
  • Final detailing that provides a softer appearance than is normally offered by a metal daybed.

RANK #2: Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set
Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

This is the year’s best trundle bed. It features premium steel slats to hold and support the mattress very well without a foundation. A 5 or 6-inch twin-size mattress is accommodated by the trundle bed. Mattresses for this bed must be purchased separately. The bed’s design is both stylish and function, with very little assembly required. There is also a five-year warranty backing the bed.


The trundle bed features a stylish wood and metal frame that can complement any home decor. It is made from premium steel to provide the best support. The bed is very durable due to the strong steel that is used in its construction. The wood gives the trundle bed additional strength and elegance.


  • Functional and stylish furniture due to its combination of steel and wood
  • This trundle bed is easy to assemble. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete.
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Has been designed to fit one 5 to 6-inch standard twin mattress
  • Elegant wood design and sturdy steel support bring out all the best features of your room.

RANK #3: DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame

DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame
DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame

DHP is a very trustworthy brand within the day bed market. Its outstanding daybed comes with a metal frame and the Daybed and Trundle is a very fine-looking piece of furniture that raises your room’s style quotient greatly. The headboard has a brushed bronze finish with intricate lines and soft curves to give it a timeless and luxurious appearance. In addition to being a beautiful daybed, its practical design give you an extra bed whenever you have a need or desire for it. The construction features four casters. Two are non-locking and the other two are locking. You are also provided with extra sleeping space to meet your needs. Using a sturdy metal frame and metal slats also provide great comfort, durability, reliability, and stability.


This daybed is very practical, and its accompanying trundle comes in very handy to accommodate guests or extra family. The bed’s sturdy metal frame and metal slats offer outstanding durability and support. The trundle comes with four casters (which include two non-locking and two locking) that roll out to give you an extra sleeping area and has been designed for a twin-sized mattress for both the roll-out trundle and daybed.


  • Beautifully crafted to be your living area’s statement piece
  • Sturdy metal frame construction with metal slats.
  • Trundle with a total of four casters.

RANK #4: Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed

Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain's Bed with Trundle Bed
Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed

This is one of the best trundle beds that are currently available. It is ideal for parents who have two children or twins. The bed can also easily meet your child’s desire to be sociable, by providing two beds for sleepovers. It is very compatible with any size of bedroom and is available in complementary, friendly and lovable colors to go with practically any home decor. The foot of the trundle has drawers, which is a big beneficial since there is always a need for extra storage for linens and other items.


After you have this trundle bed inside of your room, there is one thing that you can be certain of, which is that it will serve you very well for many years. You will love having it in your house. It has been designed and crafted to make sure that your room not only looks fantastic but that the individual sleeping on the bed has the perfect dreams all night long. High-quality solid wood is the material used to make the bed. Just looking at the material that is used ensures that this bed will last for many years. 

The trundle comes with durable all-metal glides to prevent the bed from coming off of its tracks, while also allowing it to smoothly slide both outward and inward.


  • Elegant – Although it is critical to consider safety and comfort, you don’t want to overlook appearance and style.
  • Lots of storage space – Your child is provided with plenty of storage space to help keep things organized.
  • The bed has a non-toxic finish and is designed to hold up to 200 pounds maximum.
  • Extra sleeping space – This is great for when your children’s friend?s sleepover.

RANK #5: La Salle Twin Captain’s Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers

La Salle Twin Captain's Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers
La Salle Twin Captain’s Bed with Trundle and Storage Drawers

This trundle bed features a Coaster Mission style. It offers you everything you need in terms of comfort. And if you have a limited amount of space and are unable to buy extra furniture this is the bed for you. It can accommodate your guests without giving you a big headache in terms of planning where and how everyone will sleep.

The bed comes with plenty of storage space and three drawers under the trundle. The drawers are classy and roomy, to ensure that all linens and clothes are stored away.

The trundle bed offers an extra twin sleeping space that is both spacious and comfortable. It comes with wheels to make rolling the bed in and out reliable and efficient. When it is locked, the alignment of the drawers gives the trundle a great view of your house and it is easy and simple to pull out whenever you have guests.


This La Sale trundle bed comes in different versions. The trundle can fit an 8-inch thick mattress. The Trundle has been designed to roll out and can be detached from its main bed. There are drawers that slide from wood gliders and there is enough storage space for toys and other items.


  • Durability – This Twin Captain’s Trundle Bed by La Salle is beautiful. Made from solid wood and is elegant, strong, and steady.
  • Safety – The bed is tested to ensure it meets all standards and regulations to ensure the safety of your guests or children.
  • Efficient design – The trundle bed truly makes your room stand out.

The Differences Between Twin Mattress and Pop-up Trundle Beds

A trundle bed is not a size of mattress. Typically, the mattress that fits a trundle frame is a twin-sized mattress that is a maximum thickness of 8 inches for the upper sections and six inches for a lower trundle. In most cases, a trundle bed mattress is a standard twin size. There are also some full-size trundle bed frames that are available. The mattress can be either twin or full.

A trundle bed’s lower section slides underneath the upper section. Typically, there is only space for either a 6 or 7-inch thick mattress. The mattress is often supported by a piece of plywood. Therefore, the sleeping system needs to be well-engineers, with a compact combination of firm and cushy so that your guest doesn’t feel like they are sleeping inside of a lumber yard.

An 8-inch thick mattress is an excellent choice for the upper section of a wheeled trundle bed configuration for your guest bedroom. It is a thick enough mattress to offer plenty of support and cushion. It is easy to find fitted sheets to fit this size. 

The Differences Between a Daybed and a Trundle Bed

Pop-up trundle beds are much smaller beds that can be stored underneath a bigger bed. Basically, there are two areas for sleeping that are configured in one unit. Trundle beds take up the same amount of space that a regular twin-sized bed does. However, it also provides two sleeping surfaces that elevate it immediately to the twin-sized bed. 

A daybed, on the other hand, is a couch that you can use as a twin-sized bed as well. One advantage that a daybed offers is it can provide you with both seating and sleeping areas. A day bed is wide enough to allow you to sleep on it peacefully. Also, they are designed in a way that lets you sit comfortably on them as well. There is space underneath that can be used for an extra storage area.

Who Can Use a Pop-Up Trundle Bed?

Since a trundle bed comes with a smaller second bed that has a thinner mattress, it is suited perfectly for overnight guests, teens, and children. However, compared to a traditional mattress, it is less supportive and closer to the ground, so it might not be well-suited for individuals with back problems or the elderly.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Trundle Bed?

The following are a couple of factors that should be considered to purchase a good trundle bed that will meet your needs and preferences.


The upper mattress can usually be whatever type you prefer. However, the lower mattress needs to be about 8-10 inches thick. Check all the product descriptions before choosing a mattress, since the beds vary. If you want a supportive mattress that is less thick than a traditional mattress, a good choice is memory foam since you don’t need to use a box spring with it.


Wood construction ? The most commonly used to make furniture. It is very attractive and is available in various intensities and stains so that your furniture goes well with the rest of your room decor. Most beds are made of wood, including their trundle frames. It is more common to find wooden trundles with storage. When a bed is made from good quality materials it will side easily and not require a lot of maintenance to function properly.

Metal construction ? If your bed will need to be moved, then metal beds tend to be lighter than wooden ones. Many metal beds are available and come in various design styles, with a more modern look being trendier. Metal designs are less expensive compared to wooden designs also, which for many consumers is a very attractive feature. However, metal beds are less likely to have storage space and ones that do tend to be a lot more expensive. Many of them are also custom made which adds more to the cost as well.

Trundle Bed Pros and Cons 


  • The beds are functional and allow two children to sleep at the same time in the bed.
  • Some kinds of trundle beds look just like bunk beds that have a trundle. They allow two children or more to sleep in them at the same time.
  • The beds are user-friendly. You do not need to collect or hide any of the parts of the bed when folding them.
  • Less space is required, meaning you can use them in small bedrooms.
  • These types of beds have drawers fitted into them where useful things can be stored.
  • This type of low-lying bed is safe for children since they will not fall.


  • Children can get their heads or limbs stuck in the gap created between the lower and upper bed. A small child may have a hard time getting to the second floor to go to the bathroom.
  • There are limitations to the thickness of the lower mattress. Memory foam is a good option since a box spring is not needed.
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