Best Futon Covers to Maintain Your Futons

Top 5 Best Futon Covers in 2019

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Do you have a futon that you find unappealing or is your residence undergoing some home improvement and are you looking for a way to ensure your futon will not get damaged by dirt and debris? Either way, you will find a futon cover beneficial in either of these circumstances. With a futon cover, you can change your room d?cor in just a few minutes. You can improve or accentuate your d?cor by taking advantage of the bold and daring cover designs and colors. With futon covers, you can express your creativity in decorating in a manner that you cannot if you are using traditional upholstery. Since these covers come in a wide range of styles, you can also use them to complement your house d?cor theme.

Summary of the  Top 5 Best Futon Covers

In this review, we will focus on the top 5 futon covers that have received the most positive reviews base on quality, durability, appeal among other factors.



Umax Linen Texture Gray Futon Cover
  • Easy to put on and of with 3-sided zipper
  • Guaranteed against defects
  • Give your room a new beautiful look

Price: $$


DCG Stores Rowdy Tequila Futon Cover
  • Beautiful leather look
  • Can be removed and put on easily
  • Easy to clean

Price: $$


Lifestyle Covers Futon Cover
  • Beautiful design for any room
  • Is machine washable
  • Features 1-year warranty

Price: $$


Better Fit Futon Cover
  • Machine washable
  • Available in pet-proof and children-proof colors
  • Durable

Price: $$


DHP Futon Mattress Cover
  • Made with 100% polyester and is exceptionaly comfortable
  • Cleans easily
  • Several colors to choose from

Price: $$

Brief Look at the Above Futon Covers

Below is a brief look at why the above futon covers were rated that way. As mentioned earlier, several factors were looked at in deciding each covers rank.

RANK #1: Umax Linen Texture Gray Futon Cover

Umax Linen Texture Gray Futon Cover
Umax Linen Texture Gray Futon Cover

First established in 2002, DCG Stores is the maker of this futon cover offering some of the finest designs and styles of futon covers that are known to last for many years. The futon cover is a linen-textured gray made from high-quality polyester and is available in just one color. The gray cover matches almost all decors and looks very elegant as well. 

This cover is made from high-quality polyester comes in different sizes, is machine washable, and fits various furniture.

The fabric is smooth, crisp, and wrinkle-free. The futon cover comes with a 3-sided sturdy zipper, allows for easy removal and installation. The high-quality zippers tend to work very well without any issues.

RANK #2: DCG Stores Rowdy Tequila Futon Cover

DCG Stores Rowdy Tequila Futon Cover
DCG Stores Rowdy Tequila Futon Cover

This futon cover is manufactured by DCG Stores. It can help provide a modern design to any room. It is made from soft faux leather that is 80% PVC and 20% rayon. It is available in brown with subtle black highlights. Due to its dark brown color, the cover is ideal to use if you have pets or small children in our home. This slipcover offers protection to your futon mattress against shedding hair, pet claws, food spills, and accidental liquid.

For standard futon covers, this futon cover comes with 3-sided zippers and for chairs, loveseats, and Ottomans, it comes with 2-sided zippers. This zipper design allows for easy removal and installation of this futon cover.

The cover is available for loveseats, ottomans, chairs, twin, full, and queen.

RANK #3: Royal Heritage Home Futon Cover

Royal Heritage Home Futon Cover
Royal Heritage Home Futon Cover

This Royal Heritage Home Futon Cover is stylish and our top choice for futon covers that provide you with the best value for your money.

The cover comes with a zipper function that enables you to fasten the cover completely all the way around. It is made from 100% natural cotton and the ideal affordable futon cover option.

The futon cover is 100% machine washable as well, which is perfect when you have many guests using it since you wash it easily and quickly before your latest guests arrive.

The Royal Heritage Futon Cover also is available in 18 different colors to choose from to find the one that suits your home’s decor the best.

The futon cover does not come with cushions, but the actual cover is an outstanding investment for any futon. This cover has been designed to fit a 6-8″ thick futon mattress.

RANK #4: Better Fit Futon Cover

Better Fit Futon Cover
Better Fit Futon Cover

This futon cover by Better Fit is our editor’s choice in our futon cover lineup since it is considered to be the easiest and the best cover to put on.

The material’s quality is outstanding, and it is 100% cotton, which means you can be assured that you are a high-quality product for your hard-earned money.

It washes very easily as well which makes it convenient and quick for you if you?re going to using your futon often.

This futon cover is available in various sizes, which means you can buy the right one to fit your queen, twin or full-size futon mattress. Although the cover does not come in the most exotic color in the world, it can give an old and worn out futon a breath of fresh air.

This Machine Washable Futon Cover by Better Fit makes the ideal cover for your guest bedroom futon. It is perfect for both adults and children to sleep on since the material is very comfortable and soft. Since this futon cover washes quickly and easily are the ideal place for children to sleep on so you don’t need to worry about it being ruined by stains.

RANK #5: DHP Futon Mattress Cover

DHP Futon Mattress Cover
DHP Futon Mattress Cover

You can use this futon cover to provide your room with some added elegance. Customers are praising it for comfort and soften as well as nice fabric and color. It is made from 100% polyester fabric which is smooth, soft, and comfortable. It is very easy to remove the cover to wash it and put it back on. The cover is machine washable so spills, stains, pet hair, and dirt can be safely cleaned from this futon cover.

This cover is very breathable since it uses open-weave construction It is available in full size and may be used on a 6 to 8-inch thick futon mattress. It comes in various designs and colors. The color choices are blue, pink, black, and green. This DHP Futon Mattress cover comes with a sturdy zipper that makes it easy to remove the cover to clean or for replacement.

Considerations to Make When Buying Futon Covers

How Will You Use the Futon Cover?

In most instances, most people use futon covers to cover an older futon or offer protection to the existing futon from damage. When acquiring a futon cover, you should first decide what it will be used for. The function of the cover will influence the purchase decision that you make.

In Which Room Will the Cover Be Used?

Prior to acquiring a futon cover, you should first identify the area where it will be used. For example, if you are acquiring a cover for use outside the house, you will need to buy one that can absorb a lot of moisture. In this case, you may need to buy one made from acrylic as this material can absorb a lot of moisture and it is also resistant to mold. If you are acquiring a cover for use in your kids? room, it is best to acquire one made from microfiber since this material can be rewashed easily, it is water repellant and it is also resistant to stains.

The Material of The Futon Cover

Futon covers are made from different materials such as spandex, polyester, linen, cotton and wool. However, most covers are made from polyester, cotton and cotton blends. If you are going to using your covers to protect furniture that is exposed to a lot of traffic, you should acquire a cover made from heavy cotton. When it comes to protecting your furniture, it is also best to use a cover that has a dark color as it can hide stains better.

Though leather futon covers have been around for a long time, they are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. If you are looking for a leather futon cover, you can also consider acquiring a cover made from faux leather.

The Size of The Cover

Before purchasing a futon cover, ensure that you understand the size of the item that will be covered by the product you are purchasing. Most futon covers come in the standard mattress size. However, to ensure you make the right purchase, check the size of your mattress first.

The Design of The Futon Cover

When buying a futon cover, consider your personal tastes as well as the area where the cover will be used in order to acquire the right cover design. For example, if the cover will be placed in your kids? room, go for a cover that has cartoon designs.

Pros and Cons of Futon Covers


  • They help in protecting your mattress and other items from getting dirty
  • They help prolong the longevity of your futon mattress
  • They help accentuate your interior design and d?cor
  • They can be customized according to your design, size, color and pattern preference


  • They can be costly to purchase
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