Top 5 Best Bamboo Mattresses in 2022 For a Superb Night Sleep

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A bamboo mattress is a mattress that its outer fabric is made with bamboo fibers or one that has bamboo charcoal infused it its foam. The outer fabric is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a new mattress. The fabric can be made of either synthetic, natural materials, or a combination of the two. Mattresses made of natural fibers are however the most preferred option today.  Bamboo fabrics are an example of natural fabrics used to manufacture the mattress’ outer layer. The bamboo fabric has been gaining lots of popularity over the recent past with most people choosing these over other materials. One of the reasons for the popularity is because bamboo is found in abundance in most parts of the planet, hence considerably more affordable.

One thing with bamboo fabrics is that they not only have an attractive luster but also have antibacterial properties. In addition to this, bamboo has a silk-like look and texture hence provide a luxurious feel and surface under your skin. Bamboo also blends perfectly with silk thus producing a more robust fabric that is both easy to clean and durable.

According to research, bamboo mattresses are more beneficial to your health as compared to the standard mattresses. From the study, bamboo mattresses do not contain the nasty chemical dyes, fire retardants, antimicrobial solutions, adhesives, and other chemicals believed to cause throat, nasal, and eye irritation among other effects.  Most of these issues are eliminated with a bamboo mattress. In addition to this, bamboo mattresses are comfortable and provide support for the neck and the back. This helps relieve pressure on various points thus eliminating neck and back points. The memory foam used together with the bamboo materials also come in handy in making the mattress supportive and more comfortable.

The mattress is the foundation of comfort in the bedroom and a key attraction in the bedroom. That said, it would be advisable to invest in the best mattress you can afford. A Bamboo Mattress might be just the mattress for you.

Which are The Best Bamboo Mattresses Today?

We have done a lot of research, going through reviews of current users of these mattress at Amazon, Walmart and other online stores before we made decisions to list them here. We based our ratings on 5 key factors  listed below:

  • Consumer ratings
  • Overall comfort
  • Price
  • Durability 
  • Warranty

There are so many mattresses that are similar but we had to come to a decision based on the above factors.

Top 5 Best Bamboo Mattresses of 2019

Brentwood cypress
Brentwood Cypress Mattress

Bamboo cover / New Zealand wool / Gel memory foam/ Base foam

4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

swiss ortho 13
Signature Sleep Mattress

Bamboo cover / memory foam / coil springs

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

LUCID 16 Mattress
LUCID 16 Inch Plush Mattress

TENCEL cover / Bamboo Charcoal memory foam / Latex

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)

Customize Bed Mattress
Customize Bed  Mattress

Bamboo Cover / Gel memory foam

4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress
Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress

Bamboo Cover / Gel memory foam / High density foam

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Features of a Good Bamboo Mattress

Bamboo mattresses come with features hard to find in other types of mattress. These include:

Made With Organic Materials

Organic MaterialBamboo grows naturally and doesn’t need fertilizers nor chemicals during the growing process. The fibers harvested from the bamboo plant are therefore 100% organic and natural. This eliminates chemicals that would otherwise be found in other raw materials, such as cotton.  You, therefore, don’t have to worry about irritation from toxic chemicals when sleeping on a bamboo mattress.

They Allow Easy Air Flow

Bamboo fibers allow air to flow naturally within the mattress making it more comfortable and cooler.  The fibers absorb perspiration produced by our bodies while we sleep, and dry out rapidly leaving you and the surface dry. According to research, bamboo fibers can absorb up to 3 times their dry weight. This enables the mattress to remain dry and free of odor, thanks to the adequate ventilation made possible by these fibers. This makes the mattress more comfortable when compared to standard mattresses.


HypoallergenicTheir airy nature of bamboo fibers makes it resistant to mold, bacteria, and dust mites.  This reduces the risk of allergic reactions from foreign objects and other contaminants too.  In addition to this, the bamboo material is hypoallergenic providing a safe environment for all, and especially those that suffer from allergies easily. The fact that bamboo fibers are hypoallergenic and do not support the growth of bacteria and other allergens, as well as proper ventilation, means you too won’t catch respiratory infections from sleeping on the mattress. This, therefore, translates to a peaceful night’s sleep, even for asthmatic individuals.

Back Support and Pressure Relief

Memory foam is used in bamboo mattresses to give them support and comfort needed while asleep. Memory foam has a superior performance where support and pressure relief are required, reasons it is used in these mattresses. The added support and pressure relief help take care back-related pains, as well as neck pains caused by bad posture and pressure on specific points of the body. The foam helps the mattress take the form of your body shape and curves, thus proving even support for a more comfortable sleep.

Perfect Temperature Management

Temperature control is an essential feature with modern mattresses. Some mattresses become too hot to sleep on during summer, and too cold in winter making them uncomfortable.  Bamboo mattresses, however, have adequate ventilation making it possible to maintain a constant ‘comfortable’ temperature despite the temperature outside. The mattress stays cool in hot summer nights and keeps you nice and cozy during winter. This plays a significant role in proving your sleep patterns while keeping you comfortable throughout the year.

Resistance to Bacteria and Dust Mites

Bamboo is naturally resistant to bacteria and dust mites among other microbes. In addition to this, the bamboo fibers promote airflow within the mattress fibers making it almost impossible for mold and mildew to grow. It is also with adequate aeration that the mattress continues to smell fresh years into using it. This means a reduced risk of skin problems, respiratory issues, and allergic reactions.

It Protects Delicate Skin

Individuals with sensitive skin are well taken care of with the bamboo mattress.  With bacteria, mildew, old, and dust mites unable to infest a bamboo mattress, you can be assured of better protection from all these. You therefore never have to worry about skin irritation, rash, or dermatitis. As mentioned earlier on, the bamboo surface is easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to dirt. This helps keep your delicate skin protected from nasties out there.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for A High-Quality Bamboo Mattress

When it comes to optimal support, quality, and comfort, bamboo mattresses provide the ultimate sleeping experience/surface. With various brands out there, determining the best mattress to choose can be a little daunting for many. This is because some brands/models are more superior than others, a reason you need to be careful when shopping for the same. Outlined below are some of the critical factors to consider when buying a bamboo mattress.

Inner Construction Of The Mattress

Mattress constructionBamboo mattresses are constructed with several layers meant to provide a safer sleeping environment and comfort. While most manufacturer’s use these layers for the same functionality, it would be advisable to look for mattresses build to offer support, heat dissipation, pressure relief, motion isolation, and antibacterial properties.


Proper support is mandatory on any excellent mattress out there. That said, it is advisable to look for a mattress that provides adequate support and comfort while asleep. This is particularly important if suffering from neck and back pains. Bamboo mattresses with an additional layer of high-density foam are recommended for optimal support, stability, and proper spinal alignment.

Motion Isolation

This feature is a must-have if sharing the bed with a partner. The multiple layers used in the construction of bamboo mattress help eliminate motion transfer. This reduces disturbance when your partner turns and tosses during the night. Almost most manufacturers aim at this, only a few are able to achieve absolute motion isolation with their mattresses.


10 year warrantyWarranties help protect you from faulty items. That said, the warranty period given by the manufacturer dictates its quality. For instance, manufacturers offering generous warranty periods mean they do trust the quality and build of their mattresses, hence confident you won’t run into problems with their product. Going for a mattress with more extended warranty periods also gives you some peace of mind knowing you have a quality item, and that it can be replaced if an issue arises with the

Details and Reviews of Our Above Recommended Bamboo Mattresses 

Let us look at a brief look at the bamboo mattresses we recommended above. We are going to look at customers ratings, construction and the special features each mattress has.

RANK #1: Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress 13-Inch

Brentwood cypress This  mattress is continually receiving praises for comfort and sleeping cool and allergens free. On Amazon, it has gained popularity and as a matter of facts, it has over 2300 reviews 700% of which are 5-star. After going through reviews, we noted that majority of users are praising it for superb pressure relief and back support. Some say that since they started sleeping on this mattress, their back pain has subsided. These review backs up claim by the manufacture that the mattress offers unmatched spinal support and alignment. It also scored well on motion transfer front. From the reviews, users support the manufacturer claim of motion isolation. This means that even if your partner tosses and turns, you will not be disturbed. Most people opt for bamboo mattress because of its ability to wick sweat and moisture from our bodies leaving us cool. This mattress lives up to that. As per the manufacturer, this mattress is free from chemicals such as flame retardants, heavy metals and other chemicals. Also, the foam used is CertiPUR-US certified and is environmentally friendly as per Greenguard Gold. Several people who are currently sleeping on the mattress say that the mattress does not have an odor indicating low volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Brentwood Home Cypress mattress comes in 2 styles, the 11-inch and the 13-inch. Let?s look at the layering of the mattress:

Cover ? Features a bamboo derived rayon cover that is soft, removable and free from harmful toxins.

1st layer ? Made with New Zealand wool the one responsible for wicking the moisture from body and keeps you cool when hot and warm when it?s old.

2nd layer ? 3.5-inch gel memory foam responsible for isolating motion and distributing body weight and hence relieving pressure at pressure points.

3rd layer ? This is the ventilated airflow zone that let the air move freely in your mattress to keep you cool and comfortable.

4th layer ? Features a 7.5-inch base foam for support and absorbing your body weight and hence dampening motion transfer. Support, Motion Isolation and Heat Transfer Brentwood Home Cypress mattress is made to offer the best comfort, motion isolation and regulate temperature. All the 5 layers of this mattress work in unison to deliver just that.


  • Superb support, motion isolation and heat Transfer
  • Excellent breathability
  • Made with CertiPUR-US foams
  • Free from toxins, allergens and harmful chemicals
  • Made in USA
  • 25-Year warranty


  • You cannot flip the mattress. Only sleep on one side.

RANK #2: Signature Sleep Mattress, Queen Mattress, 13 Inch Hybrid Coil Mattress

Signature Sleep MattressThis mattress has emerged to be leading the others in bamboo fabric world due to its quality, support, heat transfer among other factors. Also, this mattress is relatively cheap compared to others of the same class. This mattress has been rated best for optimal support with excellent motion isolation. You do not have to worry if your partner tosses and turns. It is constructed with independently encased coils that make perfect motion isolation possible. In addition, this mattress is perfect for removing the body heat as the bamboo fabric allows a good ventilation. It regulates the temperature and hence, you will sleep cool, an ingredient for a good night sleep. It is made with low VOC CertiPUR-US certified foam, free of PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, formaldehyde, lead and heavy metals. On Amazon, it has gained popularity with over 1570 reviews. In fact, over 75% of those reviews are a 5-star an indication of a quality mattress.


The Signature Coil mattress comes in 2 styles, the 10-inch and a 13-inch. Both mattresses styles are available in full, queen and king. Each mattress style features 630 independently encased coils for providing equal weight distribution and motion isolation. The coils are surrounded by low VOC CertiPUR-US certified foam that is of excellent quality and a bamboo fabric.

Support, Motion Isolation and Heat Transfer

Signature Coil mattress is perfect for support with its independently encased coils that distributes body weight evenly. With the combination of bamboo cover. Quality foams and the independently encased coils, this mattress offers the best motion isolation. Also, the cover bamboo fabric wicks the sweat away from you leaving you cool. The fabrics also enables breathability and as a result, efficient heat transfer.


Allow breathability Keeps one cool during sleep Relieves pressure at pressure points Superb motion isolation Perfect edge support Environmentally friendly components Excellent weight distribution


You can only sleep on one side

RANK #3: LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam and Latex MattressMade with 4 layers, this mattress comes out 3rd in our rating. This mattress is a little different from other mattresses as it has the bamboo charcoal memory foam quilted in a TENCEL blend cover. On the ratings, it is rated 4.1 out of 5 on amazon and almost the same at other sites. Most of reviewers like this mattress for support, comfort and sleeping cool. Others with ailments such as fibromyalgia, back pain among others praise it for the comfort they are getting they could not get with other mattresses. Others say that it does not sink which is a testament that this mattress is excellent in motion isolation. Now let us look at the materials that makes this mattress.


This mattress comprises of 4 layers of excellent quality material and a superb craftmanship briefly discussed below.

1st layer ? Features a 1-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam layer that is sewn to the TENCEL blend cover. This layer?s work is to regulate temperature and good for sensitive skin. Also, this layer is removable. TENCEL cover is soft and breathable.

2nd layer ? 3-inch layer of memory foam that is lighter and softer which is ventilated for breathability.

3rd layer ? This layer consists of a 2-inch natural latex for comfort. It works well in tandem with the memory foam in giving your body better support. Combination of latex and memory foam helps in the ultimate orthopedic support.

4th layer ? 10-inch high density foam base for excellent support. It is the foundation of the mattress.


  • Excellent support
  • Does well in motion isolation and temperature regulation
  • Foams used are CertiPUR-US certified
  • Made with open-cell technology perfect for temperature regulation
  • Uses Bamboo charcoal memory foam which is perfect for sensitive skin


  • Heavy to move around

RANK #4: Customize Bed Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover

Customize Bed Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo CoverAnother mattress that has received high ratings is the Customize Bed Memory Foam Mattress which is rated 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon. Of these ratings, 76% are 5-star indicating that user like and enjoy sleeping on the mattress. Majority of people sleeping on this mattress say that it is very supportive and comfortable. It is a medium firm mattress and not too firm therefore it fits the majority of sleepers. Some users say that the mattress is helping them with relieving joint pain and pressure points. Some suggest that they are no longer waking up through the night as this mattress is very comfortable. Pricewise, this mattress is lenient on people’s pockets compared to other mattresses of its class with the same qualities in the market today.  You will only pay a fraction of the price and get the same qualities as with the leading mattress.


Cover – Made with bamboo fabric that allows free flow of air for perfect temperature regulation leaving you sleeping cool all night long. Body – This mattress is made with an innovative gel ground, blended and infused in the memory foam for temperature regulation and airflow enhancement. The foam is constructed with non-toxic materials and it molds to the shape of once body to relieve pressure at pressure points. The foam is also resistant to dust mites and is antimicrobial.


  • Made with superior foam that shapes to your body
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Lightweight and easy to turn
  • Antimicrobial and resistant to mites
  • Sleeps on both sides
  • 5-year warranty


  • Could be a bit cheaper

RANK #5: Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ High-density, 3 X Layered Gel & Memory Foam Mattress

Swiss Ortho Sleep Layered Gel & Memory Foam MattressAnother bamboo mattress with a high rating is the Swiss Ortho Sleep 13″ High-density mattress. Its rated 4.2 out of 5 at Amazon with 70% of the ratings being 5-star. Users are rating this mattress as a firm mattress so if you are looking for a softer mattress, then this is not the right mattress for you. Also, the foam that it is constructed with curves well to your body and you will not sink. Therefore, it is easy on your pressure points. Some people say that this mattress has helped them alleviate joint and back pain after only sleeping on it for a few days.


This mattress is constructed with 3 layers of superb quality foams and a bamboo cover which we will look at briefly below.

Cover ? material is white bamboo fabric that is soft knitted and is breathable. Also, the fabric is removable just incase you want to clean it.

1st layer ? Is a 2-inch cooling gel that helps to suck the body heat and distribute it to the lower layers leaving sleeping cool throughout the night. Also, it works well in motion isolation working together with the lower layers.

2nd layer ? Features a 2-inch high density foam to support your body and assist the top layer in temperature regulation and contouring to your body shape. It also helps in dampening the motion making the mattress perfect in motion isolation.

3rd layer ? is made with a 9-inch comfort foam that works with the top 2 layers to give you the ultimate relaxation. It is the foundation of the mattress that gives it its shape. In conjunction with the upper 2 layers, it helps in dampening motion, dissipating heat and offer support.


  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Good pressure relieve at pressure points
  • Superb support and comfort
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy on your pockets


  • Slight odor upon opening. (Dies away after 48 hours).

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